Topsfield Police Department

License to Carry a Firearm

How do I get a license to carry?

Renewals and new issuances’ of License to Carry and Firearms ID Cards will be processed on certain dates by appointment. To facilitate this “change” from the old walk-in days, we need the assistance of the ECO operators. Licensing dates will be posted in the E.C. a couple of weeks in advance.


Applicants must be a Topsfield resident or have a place of business in Topsfield. (Proof must be shown.)

You will need to:

  • Schedule an appointment at the police station either by telephone or in person with the front desk dispatcher.
  • Bring to your appointment the completed License to Carry or Firearms ID card application, which can be picked up at the Topsfield Police station. At the time of the appointment it will be determined what class of LTC or FID card will be issued.
  • Bring to your appointment $100.00 in cash or check made out to the “Town of Topsfield.” If you wish to obtain a Mace only FID card, the fee is $25.00 in cash or check made out to the “Town of Topsfield.” Note there is no charge for applicants over 70 years of age or for renewals of FID/mace. (The application fee is non-refundable.)
  • Two photos are required at the time of your appointment. If you wish to obtain two photos at the Topsfield Police Department, bring $5.00 in cash or check made out to the “T.P.R.A.” You may also bring two photos with you at the time of your appointment that must be ____” by ______”.

Within seven days the licensing authority shall forward one copy of the application and the applicants fingerprints to the Colonel of the State Police, who shall advise the licensing authority within thirty days of any disqualifying criminal record of the applicant and whether there is a reason to believe that the applicant is disqualified from possessing a LTC or possess firearms.

Within forty days from the date of application, the licensing authority shall approve or deny the application.

*New issue LTC’s or FID cards are required to submit a certificate of completion of a basic firearms safety course, or certificate of completion of a hunting safety course issued by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Certificates are not required for sole purpose of possessing mace or other incapacitating sprays.*