Topsfield Police Department

The File of Life

The Topsfield Police Department, working in conjunction with the Topsfield Council on Aging, and sponsored by the Topsfield Police Relief Association, announce a new program called “The File of Life”, which is currently being offered to the senior citizens of Topsfield.

The “File of Life” program is a unique way of informing emergency response personnel of a person’s current medical history etc., upon arrival at a medical aid call.

Upon arrival, the emergency response teams will first view a bright red sticker (1” x 3”) on the door, informing them that there is a “File of Life” information sheet inside. A red magnetic “File of Life” information jacket is placed on the refrigerator door containing the person’s name, doctor, emergency contacts, allergies, and brief medical history. This information is essential to the emergency response teams, in the event that the person being treated is unconscious, or cannot speak. Along with the residential “File of Life”, comes a purse (wallet size), containing the same information.

Also included is a door decal advising “STOP”, which reminds the resident to keep their doors locked. Before ever opening your door to a stranger, residents must always look to identify the person, and inquire as to what is their business.

The “File of Life” can be obtained at the Topsfield Police Department, 210 Boston Street or through Sheila Field at the Council on Aging Office, located at the Town Hall.

Any questions can be directed to the Elderly Protection Officer, Gerald M. Harrison (978) 887–6533.


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