Topsfield Police Department

Citizen Information Alert Program

The Topsfield Police Department wants you to join the C.I.A., Citizens Information Alerts.

This is a new community policing program initiated by the Topsfield Police Department in order to get information to the public as fast and direct as possible to make them aware of issues within their neighborhood.

Citizens are asked to complete a Citizens Information Alert form with their name; address, phone and e-mail address on it and return it to the Topsfield Police Department. Citizen Information Alerts will be distributed by e-mail, based on street location or designated areas, or groups when issues or concerns develop.

This program was proposed by Officer Gary Hayward after a recent rash of break-ins into motor vehicles in the Parsonage Lane, Colrain Road and Normandy Row area when officers passed out flyers informing the public to be on the alert.

"Passing out flyers is a great way to communicate neighborhood concerns." Chief Evan Haglund stated."It allows the citizens to meet the officers one on one and ask any questions they may have. It brings us to the people, but sometimes people aren't always home and the flyers may not be seen by the homeowner. Adding the Citizen Information Alert program to our notification network will ensure citizens receive the helpful information. The more information made available to the citizens allows them to be on the lookout and take precautions to help prevent being a victim of crime. It also informs the whole neighborhood so neighbors can look out for each other."

Topsfield Police are presently in the process of upgrading their computer network and will begin accepting Citizen Information Alert forms. Citizens may download the Citizen Information Alert form here. Citizens should then complete the form and drop it off at the Topsfield Police Department 210 Boston Street, Topsfield, MA.


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