May 5, 2016 Results








1 year

one position

Stephen T.Whelan 1109

3 years

one position

A. Richard Gandt  725
Mark B. Lyons  752
Elementary School Committee

3 years

two positions

Katrina Alexis Frere  787
Josiah Grimes  620
Daniel Mark Pallotta  621
Assessors 3 years Lynn A. Conant 1119
2 years Robert E. Kanter 1067
Commissioner of Trust Funds 3 years Thomas P. Walsh 1081
Housing Authority 5 years Rose M. David 1068
Library Trustee

3 years

two positions

Gail Bryson  969
Brook Spater 1012
Park & Cemetery Commissioner 3 years Robert E. Benjamin 1090
Planning Board 3 years two positions Jeanine P.Cunniff  981
Joseph D. Geller 1004
2 years C. Josh Rownd 1039
Regional District School Committee

3 years

one position

William J. Hodges  705
LeeAnne Powers  535
Road Commissioner 3 years Philip G.  Knowles  1099
Water Commissioner 3 years Richard L. Stone  1099


YES - 746

NO  -733

Shall the Town of Topsfield be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to design, remodel, reconstruct and make extraordinary repairs to the Town Hall, including design and construction of an addition and payment of all other incidental and related costs?


YES - 962

NO  -562

Shall the Town of Topsfield be allowed to assess an additional $140,000 in real estate and personal property taxes for the purpose of funding the general operating budget for the elementary schools for the fiscal year beginning July first two thousand and sixteen?

Town Calendar

Monday, September 25
8:30 am : Essex Regional Retirement System
7:30 pm : Board of Selectmen
8:15 pm : Open Space Committee
Tuesday, September 26
8:30 am : Board of Assessors
8:00 pm : Zoning Board of Appeals Cancelled
Wednesday, September 27
9:00 am : CREST - Board of Director
9:00 am : CREST
7:00 pm : Conservation Commission
Tuesday, October 3
7:30 pm : Planning Board

Community Events

No Events