Plans and Reports

These materials are posted for the convenience of the public. By-laws, rules and regulations are subject to change, so interested parties are advised to consult the official versions of Town documents that are kept in the Town Clerk's Office and in the offices of the Town's boards and committees.

Annual Reports

Town of Topsfield 2007 Annual Report(pdf file)

Town of Topsfield 2008 Annual Report (pdf file)

Town of Topsfield 2009 Annual Report (pdf file)

Town of Topsfield 2010 Annual Report (pdf file)

Town of Topsfield 2011 Annual Report (pdf file)

Town of Topsfield 2012 Annual Report (pdf file)

Town of Topsfield 2013 Annual Report (pdf file)

Town of Topsfield 2014 Annual Report (pdf file)

Town of Topsfield 2015 Annual Report (pdf File)


2004 Open Space Plan(pdf file)

2010 Open Space Plan( pdf file)

Topsfield Water Conservation Plan (pdf file)

EO418 Community Development Plan (pdf file)

Heritage Landscape Inventory Project (pdf file) [goes to page]

Town Hall

Town Hall - Past, Present and Future (Power Point Presentation)

Town Hall Building Envelope and Window Restoration Study


Topsfield Council on Aging Needs Assessment (12/3/2015)

Power Point Summary of the COA Needs Assessment Report

24/7 Fire Study Committee Report (revised 2/19/2016)

Fire Chief's Statement to the Committee (10/20/2015)

24/7 Fire Study Committee Report with index numbers

Fire Department Response to the Report with supporting documents (1/25/2016)

Fluoride Study Group Report

Surface and Groundwater Survey Report (.pdf document)

Board of Health Regulation Review Committee Report (2MB pdf document)

Executive Summary of the Topsfield Town Hall Building Committee's Report to the Board of Selectmen on November 19, 2007

Government Review Committee

        Presentation to the Board of Selectmen (pdf file)

        Topsfield Form of Government Reorganization Overview & Summary of Changes (pdf)

Town Building Assessment Study and Capital Master Plan

Study Part 1

Study Part 2

Study Part 3

Estimate Cost Worksheet -1

Estimate Cost Worksheet - 2



Town Calendar

Monday, March 27
8:30 am : Essex Regional Retirement System
10:15 am : TRIAD
7:00 pm : Finance Committee
7:30 pm : Board of Selectmen
Tuesday, March 28
8:30 am : Board of Assessors
7:30 pm : Planning Board
8:00 pm : Zoning Board of Appeals Cancelled
Wednesday, March 29
2:00 pm : CREST - Personnel Committee
5:15 pm : Elementary School Committee
7:00 pm : Finance Committee
Thursday, March 30
8:00 pm : Rail Trail Committee
Tuesday, April 4
7:30 pm : Planning Board
Wednesday, April 5
1:00 pm : Essex Regional Retirement System-Advisory Council

Recycling Calendar

Wednesday, March 29
7:00 am : Recycling
Thursday, March 30
7:00 am : Recycling
Friday, March 31
7:00 am : Recycling

Community Events

No Events