Zoning By-laws


These materials are posted for the convenience of the public.

Please note that the Master versions of the Town's General and

Zoning Bylaws are maintained by the Town Clerk's Office. The

Town is currently engaged in a comprehensive bylaw

codification project and is working to update the records

of current bylaws and associated documents to ensure

accuracy and completeness. This will allow for electronic

access and better search capabilities. Until the codification

project is complete, it is necessary for interested parties

to conform current bylaw versions to prior town meeting

records. The Town Clerk's Office is located at

461 Boston Street, Unit E-6 in Topsfield. Please contact

the Town Clerk by phone at 978-887-1505 or email




Table of Contents

Preamble and Article I - Definitions (pdf file)

Article II - Establishment And Description of Districts (pdf file)

Article III - Use Regulations (pdf file)

  (Includes Elderly Housing District By-law and Table of Uses)

Article IV - Dimensional and Density Regulations (pdf file)

(Includes Open Space Development Plan)

 Table of Dimensional and Density Regulations (pdf file)

Article V - Administration and Enforcement (pdf file)

Article VI - Flood Plain District (pdf file)

Article VII - Special Regulations (pdf file)

  (Includes Accessory In-Law Apartment By-law)

Article VIII - Ipswich River Protection District (pdf file)

Article IX - Site Plan Review (pdf file)

Article X - Phased Growth (Expired)

Article XI - Groundwater Protection District (pdf file)

Article XII - Wireless Telecommunications Facility Bylaw (pdf file)

Article XIII - Sign Regulations (pdf file)

Article XIV - Scenic Overlay Zone (pdf file)

Article XV -  Wind Energy Conversion System - Small Scale (pdf file)

Article XVI - Ground-mounted Solar Photovoltaic Installations (pdf file)

Appendix ZA:1 - Zoning Guidelines: Guidelines And Performance Standards For Activities Subject To The Provisions Of The Topsfield Zoning By-Law. (pdf file)

Zoning Maps (pdf files)


ZBA Meetings

Tuesday, August 22
8:00 pm : Agenda | Details
Tuesday, September 26
8:00 pm : Agenda | Details
Tuesday, October 24
8:00 pm : Agenda | Details